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14 Days of Praying for Your
Marriage & Husband
Start working on your marriage today with this 14 day guide through Scripture. Begin praying for your marriage and your husband today with the FREE printables!
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Over my marriage, the time that I've noticed the biggest growth and experienced the most closeness - was when I was regularly in prayer for my marriage and for my husband. 

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, there is a lot of emphasis on chocolates, roses, and expecting to get the perfect date night or gift. 

But as Christians, we know that our marriages serve a larger purpose and the secret to a deep and loving marriage goes far beyond red roses and chocolate covered strawberries. 

So join me this year in taking the season of love as a time for daily prayer. Prayer for our marriages, prayer for ourselves to accurately see the sin in our own lives, and prayers of lifting up our husbands and praying for their roles and responsibilities. 

Join me this year in prayer - sign up and then simply download the free printable cards - 1 for each day. Each card includes a Scripture to read (or memorize) and a quick prayer prompt to help guide your prayer. 

Whether you have a quick 30 seconds each morning or you want to spend the day in prayer as you go about your chores and tasks - the printable prayer cards are designed to make it easy! 

And once you download the cards, you will then get weekly updates and reminders from me for creating a Gospel-Centered Home! I can't wait to go on this journey with you. 

In Christ, 
Jami Balmet
Sign Up For The Free Printables And Start Praying Today! 
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