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Do you need a little encouragement in your role as a homeschool mom?
Do you ever feel weary, worn-out, or like you need just a little boost of encouragement in your homeschool days? 
Do you know how important the work you are doing now is for your kids, but sometimes just lose site of the big picture? Is it easy to forget how your homeschooling fits into the larger context of the Gospel and training up your children?
Introducing our first ever online homeschooling conference for Christian moms! 
Designed to give you the encouragement, Biblical advice, and inspiration you need to keep going with this important task of education your children! 
Join our LIVE online conference August 3rd-5th
And get lifetime access to watch the conference sessions at your own pace and when you have the time! (Even if you can't attend the conference when it's live)
Get the encouragement you so desperately need in your homeschooling
Be inspired, renewed, and refreshed by 12 encouraging and insightful sessions delivered by parents who know how challenging homeschooling can be. 
The Sessions & Speakers
Wednesday August 3rd

Encouragement for the Weary Mom - Jami Balmet

Are you just tired and a little burnt out some days? Do you feel like you need just an extra dose of encouragement? In this first session to kick off the conference, Jami Balmet from Young Wife's Guide is going to give you that dose of encouragement you need as a weary or worn out mom! 

Practical solutions: Teaching toddlers through teens - Jennifer Ross

As a mother of 11 children, Jennifer Ross from The Focused Homemaker, knows a thing or two about homeschooling across the ages. In this practical session, Jennifer takes a look at homeschooling multiple ages, how to juggle a large family, homeschooling during pregnancy, and more!

Self Education: The Pinnacle Ideal of the Charlotte Mason Way - Dollie Freeman

Are you curious about the Charlotte Mason way of homeschooling? Or perhaps you've got questions about it? In this informative session, Dollie Freeman from Joy in the Home, gives a great breakdown of the method and how it can help inspire your child! 

How to Equip Your Children for a Changing World: It all starts at beginning - Angie & Isaac Tolpin

Husband and wife team, Angie and Isaac Tolpin from Courageous Mom are together in this session to teach and encourage you how to equip your children for a changing world. There are so many uncertainties today, how do we prepare our kids for it all? Angie and Isaac tackle all that and more.
Thursday August 4th

Instilling a Love for Reading in Your Child - Caroline Allen

Does your child love to read? Or are you often left wishing he/she would pick up a book once in a while? In this practical and hands on session, Caroline Allen from The Modest Mom blog, shares how you can instill a love of reading in your child and how to encourage them to pick up a good book...and learn!

Parenting Preteens - Hal & Melanie Young

It comes as a surprise, but the years from 9 to 12 can be some of the most challenging of all. Long before peach fuzz or body changes, you have to cope with distractedness, tears, outbursts of anger and the "Nobody loves me" blues, but somebody's got to be the adult around here. Learn how to survive, and make the teen years great with this encouraging session from Hal & Melanie Young from Raising Real Men.

Large Family Homeschooling - Amy Roberts

How do you begin to balance and juggle it all as a large homeschool family? As a busy mother of 10, Amy Roberts from Raising Arrows, knows a thing or two about the logistics (and the joys!) of homeschooling a large family. Follow along in this session for practical help and Spiritual encouragement to always be focusing on the right things within your homeschooling. 

Helping Your Homeschool Excel with Special Needs - Heather Laurie

Do you have a special needs child (or want to reach out to someone who does)? Heather Laurie from Special Needs Homeschooling gets to the heart, the troubles, and the joys of homeschooling a special needs child and what you can do to help your child excel! 
Friday August 5th

Jesus Through Our Days - Mackenzie Monroe

If you've ever heard Mackenzie Monroe from Bold Turquoise on her podcast, you know she has a knack for bringing it all back to Jesus. This session is no exception. Mackenzie gives some fantastic encouragement to the homeschool mom as well as how to focus on Christ more and more throughout our days!  

Consistency: A Key Ingredient to Happy Homeschooling - Sean Allen

We all know that consistency within parenting is extremely important. And that lesson applies to our homeschooling as well. In this session, Sean Allen from Character Badges, covers the basics of consistency, the role of disciplining within homeschooling, and how to develop those daily habits. 

Homeschooling a Houseful - Sarah Avila

The logistics of homeschooling several children at once extends to affording curriculum, choosing the best curriculum for large families, how to manage teaching several kids at once, and also balancing all your homemaking responsibilities. In this practical session, Sarah Avila from My Joy Filled Life, tackles all of this and more! 

7 Sanity Saving Hacks for Real Life Homeschool Moms to Keep Their Family Fed - Jamerrill Stewart

Something that homeschool moms often need help balancing - outside the actual homeschooling - is FOOD! How to balance meal planning, keep within your budget, cook around the homeschool schedule, and keep everyone fed! By now as a mom of 7, Jamerrill Stewart from The Encouraging Homeschool Mom, is a pro at all things food and has excellent tips and advice for balance it all.
As a homeschooling mom of six children, I know how chaotic homeschool days can be! 

While we all dream of perfectly organized homeschool rooms, schedules that run smoothly, and our children turning in immaculate school work, in reality most days are far from that! 

I know it's easy to become discouraged and overwhelmed. This is why I believe that, from time to time, every homeschool mom deserves a boost of encouragement and some fresh ideas on how to make things go more smoothly! 

Enter the 2016 Encouragement for the Homeschooling Mom Online Conference. 

Be inspired, renewed, and refreshed by 12 encouraging and insightful sessions delivered by homeschooling parents who know how challenging homeschooling can be. 

Just like you, they’ve had their share of ups and downs; but each one of them knows the importance of taking time to gather the strength and inspiration necessary to not only educate your children, but to raise them up for the Lord. 

Also, we hope you’ll enjoy your new homeschool planner which is included in your registration and has been custom designed for this conference! 

- Caroline Allen, Co-creator of Encouragement for the Homeschool Mom Online Conference
Attend the conference live or watch anytime...
When you pre-register for the conference, you will get access to the three day live event online as well as access to the videos forever to watch again and again (or whenever you have the time). 
Hi, I'm Jami Balmet, the other co-creator of this online conference. 

I have two sets of twins and another baby on the way. Which means I will have five children, all four and under. 

I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed and yet desperately craving some encouragement and direction within my days. 

So when designing this online conference, Caroline and I were both adamant that we would make it as easy as possible for busy moms (like ourselves) to be able to watch through and get encouraged! 
When you pre-register for the conference, you will get access to attend the conference "live" with us August 3-5th and access to the conference videos and bonuses to watch anytime, anywhere, and on any device  - FOREVER!

Caroline and I both want to encourage you through this 12-part conference and make it as easy as possible!  
Focus on your purpose as a homeschool mom...
This Christian homeschool conference will bring you encouragement from God's Word as well as practical wisdom to keep teaching your kids day in and day out.
Attend the conference live:
August 3-5, 2016
  • 4 conference sessions will go up each day: Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday
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Don't Miss Out on the Homeschooling Event of the Year! 
And follow along right from your very own your pajamas with a cup of coffee! 
Do you need a little encouragement in your homeschooling?
We've designed this conference to give you the encouragement and motivation you need to gear up for homeschooling this focus in on your ultimate purpose as a homeschool mom.
Here's what you get when you register:
1) Homeschool Planner (Normally $14.99!)

Caroline and Sean Allen sat down together and brainstormed what they most needed out of a homeschool planner. What practical tools did they need to help them better manage their time and their day? 

They came up with this 38 page beautifully designed homeschool planner that's yours totally free when your pre-register for the conference! In it you will get help in organizing your school year, setting goals, keeping track of to-dos, and more! You will get instant access to download the planner when you pre-register.

2) Family Recipe Binder (Normally $9.99)

This not yet released bonus is going to help you get more organized in your kitchen (and thus in your life)! If you ever have any trouble keeping track of things within the kitchen, this family recipe binder is going to make life simpler. 

Simply print out the pages, put it in a binder, and follow through the pages to get more organized. The binder includes recipe lists to help you keep track of 20 minute meals, freezer meals, slow cooker meals and more. It also contains beautifully designed recipe cards, binder dividers for main categories, equivalents charts and more.

3) The 10 Day Unplugged Challenge (Normally $6.99)

Do you feel like you are spending too much time online? Or perhaps you just don't know how to balance your time spent online and your real world responsibilities.

In this 10 day challenge, Jennifer Ross challenges you to unplug and connect again with your families and your home. Even if you feel like you are managing pretty well with your online time, Jennifer will challenge you to take a fresh look at how you really manage your time. 

4) How to Make ANY Curriculum Work For Your Family (normally $1.99)

In this quick guide, Amy Roberts gives a breakdown of how to make any curriculum work for your family! 

She tells you what to look for in the curriculum, how to tweak it to meet your needs, and even gives examples of how to best use it in your homeschooling

5) Inspirational Education Quotes (normally $10)

Download and print off these beautiful inspiration quotes to encourage you in your homemaking, in your homeschooling, and in your life! 

6) Self Education: The Pinnacle Ideal of the Charlotte Mason Way eBook (Normally $6.99)

Are you curious about the Charlotte Mason way and how it encourages your kids to learn and explore the world? Throughout this eBook, Dollie Freeman takes a look at what is self education, what it looks like, how to implement it and more Charlotte Mason resources. 

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Get a sneak peek into the conference and get to know the speakers a little bit
Click on each video below to get a special peek into the sessions...
Parenting Preteens by Hal & Melanie Young
Instilling a Love for Reading in Your Child by Caroline Allen
Practical solutions: Teaching toddlers through teens by Jennifer Ross
Jesus Through Our Days by Mackenzie Monroe 
Homeschooling a Houseful by Sarah Avila
Helping Your Homeschool Excel with Special Needs by Heather Laurie
Consistency: A Key Ingredient to Happy Homeschooling by Sean Allen
Self Education: The Pinnacle Ideal of the Charlotte Mason Way by Dollie Freeman
Large Family Homeschooling by Amy Roberts
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Do I need special software to watch the conference?
No, all you need is an internet connection and speakers or headphones. The conference sessions will be able to play right from your internet browser. You can also watch on a smart phone, tablet, or any other device with an internet connection.
Do I need to be available to listen to all the sessions "live"?
No. While we will have a schedule for all the sessions from August 3rd-5th, the sessions are available to listen to at your convenience. As soon as the session time starts, you can watch the sessions anytime and anyway that you would like – forever!
I don't have very fast internet, can I download these to watch offline?
Yes! On each session page, there is a download link for either the video or the audio (the audio only versions take even less time to download). You can download each session to your computer, smart phone, or tablet and watch offline anytime.
How long will I have access to the sessions?
Forever! We want you to have complete access to this conference – to watch again and again if you want. The sessions will remain on the website for the foreseeable future and if at some point we have to remove them, you will get the chance to save them onto your computer to keep forever.
Will I be able to watch the conference on my smartphone, tablet, etc?
Yes, you can watch the conference and participate from any device that has an internet connection!
Do I have to follow a specific curriculum or homeschool method to participate? 
No, all of our conference speakers come from diverse backgrounds. The sessions and the speakers are all so varied and on broad topics that you will be able to glean a ton of encouragement and wisdom no matter what homeschooling method you use. 
Get the encouragement that you so desperately need PLUS some amazing bonuses TODAY! --->

Homemaking Ministries @ 2016 - Encouragement for the Homeschool Mom
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