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Lesson 1: Getting back on track with your daily disciplines
Lesson 2: Refreshing Your Routines
Lesson 3: Refreshing Your Spiritual Disciplines
Lesson 4: Investing in Yourself
I can look back over my life and point to a couple distinct moments where I can say "I had some pretty good routines going on." And during those times, I can look back and realize that I was truly thriving within my home. 

Likewise, when I look back over those times of utter survival mode in my life, I had no semblance of routines or order. Some of those times were for good reasons - like having a newborn (or two), going through a season of sickness, times of grief, and so on. But other times - I was letting that survival mode take over. In those times, I have trouble seeing through to the next hour, let alone having the foresight to plan ahead or create routines. 

I am coming out of one such season. My baby is 6 months old now and I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I've been slipping back into solid routines and you know what? It's the absolute best thing I can do to battle that survival mode! 

Sometimes it feels too overwhelming to even think about planning time for one more thing. But often, if I just took an extra 15 minutes to implement a new routine - my life and my homemaking would go from simply surviving to actually thriving! 

So if you are like me and are battling your way out of survival mode, or you are just curious to see if there are some better ways to do things, then I want to invite you to download this FREE eKit that's packed with 4 video lessons and a beautiful 9 page printable pack! 
Join Jami Balmet in 4 Video Lessons

I have been in and out of survival mode the past several years. Jason and I decided to start our family and had no idea that within FOUR short years, God would bless us with five children. 

You see those smiling faces over there? >>>>>
We have two sets of twin boys (ages 4 & 2) and our baby girl Magnolia who is currently about 6 months old. 

I had no idea what God had in store for our family but one thing I've found to be true throughout it all: simple routines can work like magic when my home is turned upside down. 

And the key word there? SIMPLE. Join me in this simple series as we walk through some simple routines and suggestions for creating more peace and less stress in your home! 

In Christ, 
Jami Balmet
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