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Gaining back control of your home doesn't HAVE to be difficult...
Do you ever feel like your time just gets away from you? 

That you get to the end of a long day and wonder what you actually got done that day?
This happens to me all to often. More often than I want to admit. 

How can it be that some days I end up exhausted, feel like I worked myself to the bone doing ALL the things, but then feel at the same time like I got nothing accomplished?

After too many days of feeling like this, I knew I needed to take my schedule back. I decided to start setting small goals within my day, I started dreaming of the future, and best of all? I started getting truly intentional with my time. 

Now that doesn't mean that I don't have days where my schedule gets derailed or the kids get sick and my plans go out the window. But when I'm able to set goals and plan out my time more intentionally, I'm a happier and healthier homemaker AND I find that my days are so much more Gospel-Centered and intentional. 

And that is the biggest accomplishment of all!
Introducing, for a VERY limited time...
The Investing in Your Year Resource Bundle for over 50% OFF!! 
What's Included in the bundle? 
Goal Setting eCourse
Goal Setting for Greater Balance & Purpose in Your Home is my brand new eCourse that walks you through all the basics of setting goals in your home. 

A beautiful thing happens when you learn to get intentional and plan goals and priorities for your life and your home. It's the key ingredient in digging yourself out of survival mode and learning how to actually thrive in your home! 
Investing in YOURSELF audio series 
Stop running on Empty might be the most beneficial thing you listen to this year. As a 7 part audio series, Jami walks you through what it means to invest in YOURSELF. 

As busy wives, moms, and homemakers it can be SO tough to slow down long enough to do a little something for ourselves. But when we are constantly running on empty, we are no good to anyone. 

Learn the importance of investing in yourself, some practical ways to do so, how to begin investing in hobbies again, and how this is ultimately used to serve your family and the Lord!
Bonus #1: Goal Setting Worksheets

The goal setting course includes 5 powerful lessons for greater balance and purpose in your home. Included with the video lessons is a workbook with practical and helpful worksheets to help you get the most out of this course. 

I also know that your time is extremely limited so I worked it to give you just what you need to take these principles and run with it! 

The lessons include: 

Designing a Life You Love: In this training series we are going to start with the basics of what it means to design a life you love as we discover what it means to craft a Gospel-Centered home. These two ideas go hand-in-hand!

Developing Your Priorities & a Mission Statement: Setting those big priorities for your life and then creating a clear family or personal mission statement out of those priorities is vital in better planning and using your time efficiently. This lesson shows you how! 

Setting SMART Goals: The next step is setting goals out of your big priorities. But setting goals can be hard and frustrating which then makes them impossible to hit. This lesson gives you 5 easy steps for setting goals you can actually achieve! 

Breaking Down Your Priorities & Goals: Now that you've set your priorities and started setting goals for your day and your life - this is the super practical lesson that helps you make actionable, bite size to-do lists to help you achieve your goals and use your time well. 

Planning & Goal Setting with GRACE: The last key piece of the puzzle is recognizing the role that Grace plays in our every day schedule. We can make plans and goals all day - but something comes along and interrupts it all. Grace gives us the ability to tie this all back to the Gospel and tie this all together. 

Bonus #2: Scripture Art Printables

To help you focus even more on creating a Gospel-Centered Home throughout this course, I've created these BONUS Scripture art prints for you. 

You will get these for FREE when you sign up for the course. You can download them, print them out to hang in your own home, or even give them away as a gift to someone who needs a little encouragement. 

The art prints include

  • 1 Corinthians 10:31
  • Nehemiah 8:10
  • Micah 6:8
Are you ready to transform your home this year?
Invest in your year (and yourself). 

With Gospel-Centered & Grace Filled Resources
for greater joy, peace, & tranquility in your home!
Get immediate access - here's what you get:
  • 5 part video course on setting goals
  • 19 page workbook to help you achieve those goals 
  • 7 part audio series on investing in yourself
  • 3 Scripture art prints - BONUS
  • Lifetime access to go through anytime, anywhere, and when YOU have the time!
Take the first step in using your time intentionally this year with this amazing resource bundle that's available for a very limited time!
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