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Introducing the first ever Enjoy the Word Online Bible Conference!
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Join our Live online conference
May 2-4, 2018
You can join us LIVE, follow along with the community, and interact with the speakers! You will also get lifetime access to the sessions so you can watch them anytime, anywhere, and on any device...even if you can't participate live!
Fully Online
A one-of-a-kind community
Are you longing to dive deeper into God's Word, but are also longing for a little community? This is a one of a kind opportunity to do both with our fully online Bible conference! It's a fully online conference where Gospel-Centered theology meets everyday practical living. 

And the best part? You don't have to find a babysitter, pay for a plane ticket, arrange a hotel, etc. It's all online so you can participate and watch from the comfort of your living room - in your pajamas! 
Watch anytime
Everything is recorded! 
One really fun aspect of this conference is getting to participate live with all the other attendees and speakers. 

But as a busy mom with five young kids myself, I know that it's not always realistic to watch along live. So whether you miss one session - or all of them - you can watch later. 

We record all the sessions (at NO extra charge) and you get them to watch anytime you need - even if that's in six months or in a year! I really want to make this conference as flexible as possible for you. 
Join the Community
Including a pajama kick off party! 
The 20 conference sessions this year are obviously amazing, but the really FUN part of the conference is the private Facebook group community! 

A great part about learning to study the Bible is doing so in community! So if you are looking for like-minded women who want to grow in their knowledge of God - this is the place to be! You will get the chance to interact with all the other attendees, chat directly with each speaker after their session, and get to participate in some really fun parties and giveaways during the week. The private Facebook community might just be my very favorite part of the whole conference! 
2016 Homemaking Conference Attendee
"I loved it! I was so uplifted and felt so motivated. God really showed me so many things through these beautiful women! It was so encouraging to hear that others have the same questions and struggles, and so awesome to learn how to glorify God while we do it all!"
When you struggle to connect with God on a deeper level...
As a busy wife and mom to five young kids - my spiritual life can sometimes feel like a roller coaster! Some days I feel connected to God, I remember to pray, and I even fit in my Bible reading! 

Other days feel as dry as the Sahara Desert! I wonder why I don't feel close to God, I struggle to make consistent habits of Bible reading and prayer, and sometimes I just don't know where to start with it all! 

Do you ever struggle with this?

No matter your season or stage of life, no matter if you are a brand new Christian, or have been one for decades - one thing is true: it can be tough to dig deeper into God's Word. And then sometimes, even when we do form consistent habits and discipline ourselves to be in the Word, it can be hard to learn to actually enjoy being IN God's Word! 
So how do we change this? 

How do we learn how to dig in deeper to God's Word AND learn to enjoy it (and Him) more fully in the process?

Whether you want to know how the Old Testament fits into God's larger plan better, or you want to know how to study the different genres of the Bible, or you want to do a solid study through the book of Jonah...

...this online Bible conference is for you! 

Like I said - I'm a busy mom of 5 young kids! See that picture over there -->
That's me and my family! We had five kids in four years, including two sets of twin boys. 

While they have been the biggest blessing in my life - it has also taught me more than anything, the importance of being disciplined and consistent with my time with the Lord. 

One of the people that have impacted me the most when it comes to learning these disciplines and gaining practical, hands-on tools for deeper Bible study, is Katie Orr. 

<--- (Pssst: That's her beautiful family right there!)

She is the author or 6 Bible studies, she is married to a senior pastor, and together they host a Bible podcast that you can't miss. 

When she approached me about co-hosting an online Bible conference, my immediate answer was YES!! 

Katie and her husband will be leading us through 6 keynote sessions all about the book of Jonah. We are going to deep dive into that book (which I am really looking forward to!) and then we have a bunch of breakout sessions covering a ton of other practical topics. 

I know this conference is going to be life changing and habit forming as it has already had a huge impact on me and my ability to learn to enjoy God's Word more and more! 
Will you join us for the conference this year? 
Join us for the live portion of the conference May 2-4, 2018, and you will also get access to rewatch the sessions forever as they are yours to keep! 
The conference starts in just a few days!! 
The Schedule, Sessions, & Speakers
We have 20 incredible speakers who will be teaching through keynote sessions, breakout sessions, and giving us a ton of wonderful information so we can all walk away from the week enjoying God and His Word just a little bit more! 

Please note: All times are Eastern Standard Time!
The Keynote Speakers
Chris & Katie Orr
KatieOrr.Me &
A study through Jonah
Throughout the conference, Chris and Katie are going to be teaching a series through the book of Jonah. While the breakout sessions will give us the opportunity to dip our toes into a bunch of different topics, this keynote series will allow us to go deep into one book of God's Word. 

When was the last time you did an in-depth study on Jonah? Do you know what God is trying to teach us through this Old Testament book? 

Through their 6 keynote sessions, they will explore the patience, presence, and provisions of an Almighty God. 

Experience God's Patience. Embrace His Presence. Enjoy Divine Provision.
Wednesday May 2nd
Keynote #1: 7:00am
Chris & Katie Orr
Who is Jonah?
During this keynote series, Chris & Katie will be teaching through the book of Jonah, giving background, and sharing how we can dig deeper into this Old Testament book! 
Breakout #1: 8:00am
Laura Krokos -
How to Discover God's Calling for Your Life
Knowing your calling will help you live a confident, effective life that pleases the Lord. Laura will help you know what God desires of your life and will lead you to a clearly defined calling by which to measure all your activity in this life.
Breakout #2: 10:00am
Laura & Emily -
Truth in the Trenches: How Mom Can Get in the Word & Basics for Helping Her Kids Learn the Bible 
Getting in God's Word sometimes feels like the biggest battle we face as followers of Christ in the little years of children. In this two-part session, you'll gain fresh ideas for ways to get in God's Word as a mom to young children, and you'll learn about simple and easy ways to teach your children biblical truths to give them a solid foundation for their faith. Join Emily and Laura as they share about the real struggles a mom faces, yet find hope and encouragement to keep seeking God and investing in his Word. 
Breakout #3: 12:00pm
Amy Hale -
Overcoming Common Obstacles that Keep Us from Enjoying God’s Word
Amy identifies three common excuses women give for not reading God's Word consistently and how she has overcome all three of those excuses using simple prayer prompts and journaling as part of her morning quiet time each day. 
Keynote #2: 2:00pm
Chris & Katie Orr
Jonah 1:1-6
During this keynote series, Chris & Katie will be teaching through the book of Jonah, giving background, and sharing how we can dig deeper into this Old Testament book! 
Breakout #4: 3:00pm
Heather MacFadyen -
Helping Your Kids Enjoy the Word: From Bible Stories to Bible Study
As believing parents we desire for our children to follow Jesus and love God's Word, to be "Spiritual Champions" (term used in the book "Revolutionary Parenting" by George Barna). This session will cover how to facilitate an environment that fosters that love and resources to use as your child grows and develops. Reminding us to be obedient to God's call as parents and partner with him, but allow him to produce outcomes. 
Breakout #5: 5:00pm
Elyse Fitzpatrick -
Finding the Love of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation
Do you ever wonder how the Old Testament and the New Testament connect? Do you struggle viewing both parts of the Bible as one cohesive part of God's Story of redemption? In this important session, Elyse takes a look at the entirety of Scripture and examines how we can see Jesus's love throughout! 
Breakout #6: 7:00pm
Brooke McGlothlin -
How to Control Your Emotions so They Don't Control You
As women, we feel deeply and love fiercely! And we can also let our emotions run away from us if we are not careful. In this breakout session, Brooke talks about what the Bible has to say about our emotions (and our responses)! 
Thursday May 3rd
Keynote #3: 7:00am
Chris & Katie Orr
Jonah 1:7-16
During this keynote series, Chris & Katie will be teaching through the book of Jonah, giving background, and sharing how we can dig deeper into this Old Testament book! 
Breakout #7: 8:00am
Stacey Thacker -
Igniting a Passion for God through the Word
The Word of God is your very life. And whether you move forward and thrive, or fall back, your maturity in Christ depends on it. The Word is also a love letter for your heart on the hard days when you would rather quit. If you want to ignite your passion for God in a fresh way, this is the perfect place to start. 
Breakout #8: 10:00am
Erin H. Warren -
Wield Your Sword: Praying Scripture in Every Day Life
We are called to pray and called to read the Bible, but when we marry the two together, we unlock a powerful tool in our lives to draw us closer to God and fight the enemy before us. In this session, find out why praying scripture is so powerful, how to effectively do it, and the benefits it has not only in our lives, but the lives of those we pray for.
Breakout #9: 12:00pm
Jess Thompson -
Nurturing Your Children Toward a Love of the Gospel 
One of the greatest joys, priviliges, and responsibilites of raising children is teaching them the Gospel! But in the midst of mundane life and messy moments, it can be hard to know how to teach this to our children! In this helpful session, Jess teaches us how to nurture a love of Christ in our kids throughout all seasons of life. 
Keynote #4: 2:00pm
Chris & Katie Orr
Jonah 1:17 & 2:1-10
During this keynote series, Chris & Katie will be teaching through the book of Jonah, giving background, and sharing how we can dig deeper into this Old Testament book! 
Breakout #10: 3:00pm
Lara Williams -
How to Apply the Word to Our Lives (Even at Walmart)
God's Word is alive. It's a gift, meant to affect our perspective. From the devastating trials of life to the mundane (yet frustrating) trips to Walmart, God's Word waits to meet us in our moments ushering in hope and peace. 
Breakout #11: 5:00pm
Christine Hoover -
Understanding the Big Picture of the Old Testament
All of Scripture is worthy of our careful study and attention! And sometimes it can feel hard to remember that when it comes to the Old Testament. But we need the Old Testament to illuminate and understand the New! In this great session, Christine dives into the Old Testament and shares how it informs our current place in redemptive history. 
Breakout #12: 7:00pm
Denise J. Hughes -
How to Study the More Challenging Parts of the Bible with Confidence
Let’s face it: some parts of the Bible are just plain hard to understand. So we tend to spend our time in the easier-to-understand parts of the Bible—like the narratives and the psalms. But we also know that all of Scripture is inspired and God-breathed, and we want to be faithful to study the whole counsel of God’s Word. This session demystifies the six primary challenges to reading the Bible and equips you with the practical tools you need to engage every biblical text with confidence.
Friday May 4th
Keynote #5: 7:00am
Chris & Katie Orr
Jonah 3
During this keynote series, Chris & Katie will be teaching through the book of Jonah, giving background, and sharing how we can dig deeper into this Old Testament book! 
Breakout #13: 8:00am
Lisa Burgess -
Memorizing Scripture with Purpose: Your Journey from Head to Heart
One powerful way to meditate on God's Word more is by memorizing Scripture. But memorizing Scripture can be tricky and can sometimes feel overwhelming! Join Lisa as she demystifies the process of memorizing Scripture and gives us some very practical ways and reasons to memorize God's Word! 
Breakout #14: 10:00am
Michelle Myers -
10 Heart Checks for Women Who Lead
A hunger for learning God’s Word often turns into a desire to teach God’s Word. But how do we make sure that our leadership never becomes about us, but always remains about God? It all comes back to the intentional pursuit of a pure heart. Tune into this session with Michelle Myers for 10 heart checks we should examine ourselves with often as others follow us as we follow Christ. 
Breakout #15: 12:00pm
Angie Brown Elkins -
How to Worship Through the Word
In this session we will uncover the Biblical definition of worship and examine evidence in scripture. Each of these scriptural examples have a direct correlation with our modern view of both personal and corporate worship.
Keynote #6: 2:00pm
Chris & Katie Orr
Jonah 4
During this keynote series, Chris & Katie will be teaching through the book of Jonah, giving background, and sharing how we can dig deeper into this Old Testament book! 
Breakout #16: 3:00pm
Francie Winslow -
Marriage, Sex and Mission: How Biblical Sexuality is Good News for Everyone
In this session Francie presents the good news of God's heart on the gift of married sex. With story, scripture and theological teaching, she connects the dots of sex, sexuality, marriage and mission, showing what it all means for our lives personally, and for the world around us, as we open our hearts and homes to the healing and goodness of God. 
Breakout #17: 5:00pm
Kat Lee -
How to Build the Habit of Regular Bible Study
Building a Bible Study Habit walks you through the basics of habit building and breaks down the process into simple steps. You don't need willpower, self-discipline or determination to build this life-changing habit - it's so much easier than it seems. Join Kat lee as she shows you how to get started today! 
Breakout #18: 7:00pm
Teri Lynne Underwood -
Lopsided Living: What the Bible REALLY Says about Balance
What if pursuing balance is actually the very thing keeping you from knowing the abundant life Jesus promised? In this hands-on session, we will work through Proverbs 31:10-31 to identify three traits of a virtuous woman — and, spoiler alert, they probably aren't what you're expecting!
BONUS DAY: Saturday May 5th
Breakout #19: 10:00am
Chris Orr
Understanding the Different Genres of the Bible
There are several different genres in the differents books of the Bible and we are to read each one a little different. We read poetry different than narrative but it's hard to know the different genres and how to read and apply them! In this hands on session, Chris shares the nuts and bolts of the genres of the Bible! 
Breakout #20: 12:00pm
Katie Orr -
Too Busy for Bible Study?
In this breakout Katie will teach you an easy-to-use Bible study method that will help you break through surface-level Bible study in order to experience a deep and transformational time in God's Word—all in as little as 15 minutes a day. This session will equip you to study the Bible on your own—leading to significant spiritual growth—through this quick yet effective approach to Bible study. 
Breakout #21: 2:00pm
Jami Balmet -
Connecting with God during difficult & busy seasons
Finding the time to connect with God can be hard enough - but then throw in seasons of young kids, grief, chronic illness, or just a busy year - and it can feel nearly impossible! Join Jami, no stranger to busy schedules and overwhelming circumstances, as she takes a look at how we can still learn to enjoy God during the busy (and the hard) times of life. 
Ambar H.
2016 Homemaking Conference Attendee
"The conference reinforced what I already knew about the Bible, but it was presented in a practical way. God used it to remind me of his grace, his love and my sin. I learned a lot from every speaker. I am looking forward to see what God has in store for me and my family. Thank you!!" - Ambar 
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need special software to watch the conference?
No, all you need is an internet connection and speakers or headphones. The conference sessions will be able to play right from your internet browser. You can also watch on a smart phone, tablet, or any other device with an internet connection.
Do I need to be available to listen to all the sessions "live"?
No. While we will have a schedule for all the sessions from May 2-4th, the sessions are available to listen to at your convenience. As soon as the session time starts, you can watch the sessions anytime and anyway that you would like – and have access forever!
I don't have very fast internet, can I download these to watch offline?
Yes! On each session page, there will be a download link. You can download each video session to your computer, smart phone, or tablet and watch offline anytime.
 How long will I have access to the sessions?
Forever! We want you to have complete access to this conference – to watch again and again if you want. The sessions will remain on the website for the foreseeable future and if at some point we have to remove them, you will get the chance to save them onto your computer to keep forever.

Will I be able to watch the conference on my smartphone, tablet, etc.
Yes, you can watch the conference and participate from any device that has an internet connection!
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