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The Deep Dive Summit 
Step by step instruction & encouragement for Christian women in various aspects of running and managing a home...all for God's Glory! 🙌
Our Deep Dive Mentors Include...
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Join our LIVE online conference September 25-28, 2018 and/or watch the replay videos anytime in the future! If you are longing for some community and help in your homemaking, then join us for this incredible online conference experience (it's like attending an in-person conference but without the extra logistics and costs of doing so)! 

Purchase your ticket by September 21st and get $10 off the normal ticket price AND get a Free bonus: The Deep Dive Summit Toolkit (worth over $260)!
Do you need a little help in your home?
I know I have. I've needed a lot of help. But it can be so hard to know where to start or how to look for that help! 

My husband Jason and I got married young - we were just 19 and 21 when we tied the knot! I eagerly embraced marriage as we settled into our tiny one bedroom apartment across the street from our University. 

I was an enthusiastic new wife with an apartment of our very own...only one problem:
I had NO idea what I was doing when it came 
to running and managing a home!
I was eager and I was willing. But the practical knowledge and skills just were not there! I had to master the basics like meal planning and basic homemaking routines, and I had to figure out the bigger things like "What does it mean to have a Gospel-centered home?" 

I spent hours and hours on the internet (back before we even had Pinterest) and asking everyone I knew how they did simple things like grocery shopping on a budget and how to prepare for kids. 
Psst: See these cute kiddos here? Jason and I had all five of these kids in FOUR years! This is a whole other part of our story (and many days of overwhelm) that I'll share another day. But meet my family: Malachi & Micah (age 5), Remington & Ryder (age 3), and Magnolia Rose (18 months). YES - we have TWO sets of TWINS 😂😍
The year we got married is also the year I started blogging because it was my way of journaling all that I was learning (or trying to learn)!

It has now become one my life's calling (behind being a wife to Jason and a mom to these five adorable rugrats) and the thing which I am the most passionate about: Helping women craft Gospel-Centered Homes and to point back to Christ in all I do! 
Helping women craft Gospel-Centered Homes 
and to point back to Christ in all I do! 
And this passion is what our annual homemaking conference is born out of. Now we are in our FIFTH annual conference and we have put together THE RESOURCE and THE CONFERENCE that I wish I could have had 10 years ago! 

I am excited to learn alongside you and encourage each other in our roles as women, as wives, or as moms...all for God's Glory! 

In Christ, 
Jami Balmet &
Join our ONLINE homemaking conference!
Grab your ticket by September 21st to get full access to the entire conference with 31 amazing sessions, an optional private Facebook group for community and fellowship, a digital conference notebook to take notes and follow along. AND a toolkit with over $260 worth of digital resources to help you get started implementing life changing routines and habits in your home...TODAY!! 

The toolkit is available with your ticket through September get $10 off your ticket! 
Over the course of 4 days - September 25-28, 2018 - we are going to cover 31 incredible conference sessions! You can watch along live as each session is published or catch up later whenever you have the time. Each session is recorded so you can watch however and whenever you want! This conference is designed for busy women - take a peek at the incredible line up of speakers and their encouraging and practical sessions. 
Wardee Harmon from
Deep Dive Sessions: A Step by Step Guide for Cooking From Scratch in Everyday Life Part 1 and Part 2
The kitchen was once the heart of the house - a place to gather, to share meals, even to make great memories together. But in our fast paced, fast food world, that has fallen by the wayside. Do you want to get back in the kitchen and make real food from scratch? But you are thinking "Wait! I don't have dozens of extra hours a week to do this?!" No worries - Wardee is teaching a two part deep dive series on cooking from scratch - everything to get you started and go deeper - and how to fit that into everyday life! 
Deep Dive Mentor
Deep Dive Mentor
Tiffany Crumbs from
Deep Dive Sessions: How to Eat (and Prepare) Real Foods on a Budget Part 1 and Part 2
Food can (and does) play a huge role in the health of our families but it can be really hard to know 1) WHAT do cook 2) HOW to cook it and 3) how to do this on a BUDGET! Tiffany will be teaching a 2 part deep dive series all about preparing real foods on a budget...especially when it feels impossible or you don't know where to start! 
Breakout Sessions for In The Kitchen!
Katie Mae Stanley from
Breakout Session: How to Make Healthy Teas and Treats and Create Special Moments
Creating special moments for your family and friends over a cup of tea and plate of scones doesn't have to be hard or unhealthy. Katie Mae is going to teach you how to create simple teas and treats to nourish those you love. You will walk away with a few recipes and tips to get you started! 
Laura Coppinger from
Breakout Session: Get Those Kids in the Kitchen! Why, How, When, and Chocolate
It's important to pull your kids into the kitchen with you so they learn to cook! But don't worry - it's also fun! We'll discuss the basic whys, whens, and hows for teaching your kids to cook. Plus we'll give you lots of tools and resources to help. And the chocolate? Well, you'll just have to watch and see!
Erin Odom from
Breakout Session: Eating Well on a Budget
We want to feed our families well - but it can be really tough to know how to do that when money is really tight, your husband just lost his job, or there are How do you balance eating well with sticking to a budget? Erin shares what she's learned over the years in this practical breakout session. 
Jami Balmet from
Breakout Session: How I do a baking day (and grinding my own wheat) in a full and busy schedule 
With 5 very hungry kids that want to eat every hour or so - I've had to get creative with healthy eating on a budget! One of those big changes has been grinding my own grains and doing a lot of baking. While that might sound CRAZY and labor intensive - I can assure you it's not! In my breakout session, I'll take you through my weekly baking day (and how you can fit it into a busy schedule)! 
MacKenzie Koppa Monroe from
Deep Dive Sessions: A Creative Approach to Planning & Homemaking Routines Part 1 and Part 2
Planning your life and homemaking doesn't have to be full or boring! In fact, it can be fun and breathe new life into your homemaking routines! In her sessions MacKenzie discusses all of your planner options and shows how you can utilize different kinds of planners in your life. She'll help you discover the right planner for you and even show you how she decorates a week in her own planner.
Deep Dive Mentor
Deep Dive Mentor
Brittany Ann from
Deep Dive Sessions: Does Your Life Match Your Priorities? (And How to Make Sure it Does) Part 1 and Part 2
The key to planning manageable routines that WORK for your life, is making sure that your priorities are correct. But with SO many priorities we juggle everyday: our kids, our homes, our husbands, our relationship with God, and everything can be hard to know what that proper balance is! In her two deep dive sessions, Brittany shares her experience in making sure that her life (and her routines) actually match those BIG priorities and she will show you how to do the same. 
Watch a sneak peek of Brittany's sessions:
Breakout Sessions for Homemaking Routines
Victoria Osborn from
Breakout Session: Intentional Holiday Planning
Full calendars, finances, family conflict, and consumerism can pull us away from the real reason we celebrate the holidays. It's easy to get trapped in the mindset of trying to plan the "perfect" holiday but sometimes our vision of perfection doesn't match our reality. How do we approach the holiday season so we can enjoy it and still feel refreshed? Join us as we identify what matters most so you can plan a holiday season that is intentional and full of memories! 
Watch a sneak peek of Victoria's session:
Laura Smith from 
Breakout Session: Creating routines that stick for long term success in your home! 
We'll focus on how to create routines that actually stick for the long term. It's one thing to come up with your ideal routine on paper, but it's another to carry that out day after day. We'll take it from the start and show you how to set up routines that really work.
Lisa Woodruff from
Breakout Session: Eliminate your To Do List with the Sunday Basket
Eliminate your To Do List and increase your home's productivity with the Sunday Basket. Having ONE place to put all your ideas, papers, mail and reminders is a game changer for home CEOs. But the secret sauce is going through your basket ONCE a week on Sunday and making a plan. The Sunday Basket will multiply your time and save your sanity.
Dana White from
Breakout Session: Decluttering Your Home; Decluttering Your Life...for more Joy! 
Is your life feeling out of order? Does your home feel like it's in constant chaos? There's a really good chance that you need to DECLUTTER! And decluttering ins't just for the junk drawer - when you figure out how to declutter all the areas of your life - it leads to much greater joy within the home! 
Marci Ferrell
Deep Dive Sessions: Idols of the Heart & Becoming More Gospel-Focused and Christ-Exalting
In our time together we are going to define idolatry and talk about how to recognize our idols. We will discuss things we as women are prone to look to as idols and most importantly talk about how the gospel transforms our hearts in the struggle of idolatry so we can replace these "false gods" with the One True God. 
Watch a sneak peek of Marci's sessions:
Deep Dive Mentor
Deep Dive Mentor
Jami Balmet from
Deep Dive Sessions: Who we are in Christ & Finding Contentment
In the beginning of these deep dive sessions, Marci begins the conversation talking about how we can turn our attention and affection back to God more. In the next two sessions, Jami is going to take that concept and apply it practically to our everyday lives. In light of eternity (and everyday life), Jami is going to share how who we are in Christ deeply matters and then how to find true contentment in an instant gratificaton world! 
Breakout Sessions for Your Identity in Christ
Katie Orr from
Breakout Session: How To Do a Topical Bible Study...the Right Way! 
Diving deeper into one topic in the Bible can be a lot of fun, but it can also be ripe for misinterpretation and confusion. In this session you'll learn a structure for topical study that will help you study both effectively and correctly. 
Arabah Joy from
Breakout Session: Practical Steps to Fruitfulness Through Abiding in Christ
We know that our fruitfulness as women directly relates to our abiding in Christ. But what does it mean to abide and how do we practically do that? This session explores the practical aspects of abiding in Christ and what we can do to ensure we are abiding in the Savior.
Katie Bennett from
Breakout Session: Being a Heavenly Minded Mom
We have one brief life to live on this earth, and yet God has breathed eternal meaning into all of our daily tasks as His follower. Join me as we consider what it means to be a heavenly minded in our motherhood to reframe our thinking around the truth of eternity.
Watch a sneak peek of Katie's session:
Jolene Engle from
Deep Dive Sessions: God's Prescription for a Thriving Marriage 
 Part 1 and Part 2
You want a thriving marriage, but your husband doesn’t seem as interested. He thinks the marriage is fine, after all, he’s got a remote, you feed him, and sex happens. So, why does a wife have to do all the work if she wants to get closer to him? Whether your marriage needs some preventative medicine, it’s chronically ill, or you’re on the Emergency Room table bleeding and in need of triage, every marriage will need some form of assistance if it’s going to thrive. In this session, Jolene will share with you the Great Physician’s prescription for a thriving marriage no matter what state your marriage is in. 
Watch a sneak peek of Jolene's sessions:
Deep Dive Mentor
Deep Dive Mentor
Jami Balmet from
Deep Dive Sessions: Grace-Based Gospel-Focused Parenting Part 1 and Part 2
Parenting is hard enough - but then throw in all the competing voices today that tell you how to parent well - and it gets even more confusion! While none of us have all the answers all the time (or any of the answers EVER!), Scripture does give us some grounding principles by which we can guide our parenting. It's not about the latest technique or method, rather it's about bringing a Gospel-focus into our parenting and our home. Join Jami as she interviews godly parents in how to have a grace-based gospel-centered home! 
Breakout Sessions for Family Life
Tauna Meyer from
Breakout Session: Overcoming Anger in the Home
We want to raise our children to know and love the Lord. We want to be gentle, joyful, moms. We want our children to have a spirit of peace and self-control. Right? Nothing will destroy those goals quite like anger in the home! Whether it's our own anger or our children's, we must address it biblically, with practice and prayer. Join Tauna for tips and encouragement to help you on this journey! We'll seek the Lord together and learn practical steps toward overcoming anger in our homes. 
Rachel Normon from
Breakout Session: How To Be A Gracious Parent While Still Keeping Your Rules And Boundaries
Are you sick of yo yo parenting? Thinking you must either be nurturing and loving OR strict with high standards? The truth is, you can be both gracious and maintain your authority. In fact, that's the ultimate goal!
Amy Roberts from 
Breakout Session: Managing a Home Full of Little Ones (tips, tricks, and wisdom from a mom of 9)
When you have a lot of little ones, it often feels as if there isn't enough of you to go around. This session will give you practical ideas to find more margin in your day, more energy in your parenting, and more joy in the journey of raising these precious little ones.
Watch a sneak peek of Amy's sessions:
Trisha Gilkerson from
Breakout Session: Discipling Your Kids, 10 Minutes at a Time
Don’t blink, or your kids will be grown! It seems like an exaggeration, but if you’ve ever sung “happy birthday,” you know the feeling of wondering where the time has gone. How will you ensure that you’re making the most of every day preparing your kids to navigate the world as godly young men and women, once they’re no longer at home? If it seems impossible, take heart: by building simple routines in your day, you can make every day count. This workshop will show you how.
Pre-register today - here's what you get:
  • Lifetime access to 31 sessions
  •  Digital Conference Notebook - So you can easily follow along
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  •  Live discussions with the speakers 
  • BONUS: Free Deep Dive Summit Toolkit (worth over $260!)
Bonus Toolkit Ends September 21st
Emily T.
2016 Conference Attendee
"This conference really helped me find joy in my homemaking and see that those never ending chores are not in vain, but that they're done for the Lord! It's a work in progress but my home is becoming a happier place-our haven!" - Emily T.
The Deep Dive Summit Toolkit contains almost $300 worth of digital resources from 24 bloggers and authors! The digital resources include eBooks, eCourses, printable packs and more! This toolkit is designed as a FREE (amazing) bonus to go along with the conference this year. 

Inside the toolkit you will find that these resources all coincide with the four main topics of the conference - In the Kitchen, Homemaking Routines, Family Life, and Your Identity in Christ. The toolkit is meant to give you even more practical and hands on help for implementing lasting change in your home - and the best part? You can immediate access to the toolkit to start using TODAY!!  

Family Recipe Binder Printable Pack by Jami Balmet

Organize your kitchen, your meal planning, your family favorite recipes and more with this beautiful printable pack! Jami created and designed this printable pack to guide you through getting organized once and for all in your kitchen! 

Normally $9.95

Dinner at Home eBook by Anjanette Barr

If you're overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy in the kitchen, I want to hold your hand while you take the next step toward better providing for your family. Dinner at Home: Advice and Encouragement for the Untrained Home Cook is both an encouraging resource and the hilarious account of all of the mistakes I’ve made and adventures I’ve had while learning to cook. Normally $4.99

Warning: I Throw Food eBook by Jami Balmet

Do you struggle knowing what to feed your baby? Maybe your pregnant or have a newborn and your lost as to what that sweet baby should start eating (and when)! This eBook takes you through all the basics of homemade and healthy baby food! 

Normally $9.95

2018 Beyond Blessed Life Planner by Ana Willis 

The Beyond Blessed Life Planner is the secret tool to an inspired and organized life year round. It's 390 pages of Christ-centered goodness and Scriptures from cover to cover includes: goals, monthly and weekly planners, self-care planner, menu planning, water, meals and exercise trackers, gratitude lists, prayer request lists, to-do lists and SO much more. Not to mention it is incredibly beautiful! Normally $25!

Let's Go! Fitness Planner by Caroline Allen

Like your own personal accountability partner, the "Let's Go!" fitness planner consists of 12 thoughtfully designed pages dedicated to everything from setting big fitness goals to tracking your progress to meal planning and more! Outline the 'why' behind your goals, monitor your activity, and celebrate each little victory as you go along. Normally $5.99

Design Your Life eBook and eCourse by Cara Harvey 

This E-Book will help teach busy moms a simple system to organize their days, prioritize what matters, and get more done! You will also get access to a corresponding eCourse to guide you through the material! Normally $36

The Home Management Spreadsheet by Laura Shaw

This digital homemaking binder will help you meal plan, create a cleaning schedule, map out routines, keep track of important information, and much more. Since you can access it from anywhere, you can easily keep it updated in order to better manage your home and life. Normally $10

Name Your Time with Time Blocking eBook by

Name your time is a time management strategy that allows moms to use the concept of time blocking to schedule every area of their life to allow flexibility and margin while still accomplishing their goals.  Normally $12

Your Simple Home Handbook by Elsie Callender

This is a value-packed eBook that walks homemakers through 30 different zones in their home, giving them a practical roadmap to declutter each zone. The goal? A simple home that breathes welcome and peace to everyone who spends time there! Normally $7.95

Delight in the Word of God, Volume 1: Favorite Scriptures by JoDitt

A scripture based coloring book! Each coloring page has an adjacent journal page and a corresponding devotional. The devotional will draw your focus onto Jesus as you read about the author’s experiences related to her favorite Scriptures. The journal pages allow you ample space to express your creativity while recording your thoughts, observations and prayers. Normally $9.99

Write Through the Word 2018 by Jennifer Thorson

Write Through the Word is a simple, effective Scripture study and journaling method designed to help you hide God’s Word in your heart in a way that sticks, even if you don’t have a lot of time for a Bible study each day. It includes a Scripture calendar for each month, printable journaling page and more. Digital, printable download. Normally $21

Embracing God with the Life You Never Expected eBook by Laura Krokos 

Get a glimpse into the lives of fourteen women in the Bible like you never have before. Perhaps you'll see a bit of yourself in the them and glean nuggets of wisdom from what God did in and through their lives. Normally $9.99

Teach Me to Pray Journal by Gina Poirier

The Teach Me To Pray four-week printable prayer journal. Each day there is a Bible verse and some prompts to help you focus your prayers. Space allows for journaling, if desired, although praying aloud is highly recommended as well. Normally $9.97

21 Days of Praise and Thanksgiving by Kemi Quinn

 33 page 21 Day Devotional of Praise and Thanksgiving. Also includes some printables for Bible Study, Sermons, Hymn Study, and Prayer Requests. Normally $9.99

Simple Start Morning Journal (Galatians + Ephesians) by Kayse Pratt

The Simple Start Journal is a morning journal for busy women. It’s the simple, straightforward resource you need to be able to do the things that matter most each morning. Normally $8

Wondering through the Psalms by Liz Wine

Explore Psalms 1-41 through "wondering" questions that allow you to immerse yourself in God's word. This daily Bible study is reflective yet simple enough for busy women on the go. Normally $5

The Family Bible Study Toolkit by Sarah Ann Goode

These 40+ printable templates make Bible study simple for everyone in the whole family. It includes Bible study templates and activities for kids, women, and men, and be can be used to thoroughly study any book of the Bible. Plus, it's great for beginners and mature believers, alike. Normally $18.99

Debt-Free Christmas Workbook by Jessi Fearon 

This workbook will guide you through not only setting up your Christmas budget, but will help you set up a plan for making extra room in your budget, figuring out what months to purchase certain things (when they're cheaper), and develop a plan of action to keep you from going over your Christmas budget and avoid going into debt this year! Normally $10

So Many Littles, So Little Time by Amy Roberts

When you have a lot of little ones, it often feels as if there isn’t enough of you to go around. This ebook is your guide to navigating a busy household full of little ones! It won’t magically give you more hours, but it will give you tons practical ideas to find more margin in your day, more energy in your parenting, and more joy in the journey of raising these precious little ones. Normally $7.99


Mark your position on the Switzerland map using the Swiss map markers, collect visa and passport stamps in their passports, get their Swiss Rail passes and bus tickets punched, make travel wallets and use their Swiss Francs to pay for food and museum visits, learn songs about Switzerland and cook up some Swiss cuisine. There are Europe maps, world maps, crossword puzzles, postcards to send and many other fun activities included. Normally $15

A Stress-Free Christmas by Lisa Sharp

A Stress-Free Christmas is a complete guide to avoiding the normal holiday stress. Get back to enjoying the holidays instead of dreading them. Normally $5

12 Printable Scripture Cards by Laura Emerson

Featuring 12 beautifully designed memory verse cards, this digital download will help you stay inspired while you memorize scripture. Print on cardstock and add them to your Bible, planner, bathroom mirror, war room wall, and more! Verses are complete and word-for-word in the New Living Translation, with the exception of three in the New International Version. Normally $2

Sampler Music Appreciation Mini-Course by Gena Mayo

Have some fun taking a mini-music appreciation course with these 10 lessons: Instruments of the Middle Ages, Handel, Patriotic Music, Blues and Jazz, Aaron Copland, Gilbert & Sullivan, Dvorak and Henry T. Burleigh, "James and the Giant Peach" the Musical, Music for Veteran's Day, and Music for Thanksgiving. You'll even find 4 bonus lessons from: Music Playlists for Homemaking, 10 Weeks of Shakespeare, Great Hymns of the Faith, and 100 Delightful Classical Music Pieces mini-course. Normally $17

Family Time Redesigned eCourse by Heather Farris

Family Time Redesigned is a course meant to help your busy family get back to what matters the most. Stop living in the busy fast lane of life and start choosing to be intentional with those that matter the most. Otherwise, you risk missing out on the most crucial moments of your kid’s lives. Normally $17
Pre-register today - here's what you get:
  • Lifetime access to 31 sessions
  •  Digital Conference Notebook - So you can easily follow along
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  •  Live discussions with the speakers 
  • BONUS: Free Deep Dive Summit Toolkit (worth over $260!)
Bonus Toolkit Ends September 21st
Join our Live online conference
September 25 - 28, 2018
Join the conference LIVE during the last week of September or jump in any time after to re-watch or catch up on what you missed! 
Fully Online
A one of a kind community
There is no other resource out there like this for Christian women. It's a fully online conference where Gospel-Centered theology meets everyday practical living. 

And the best part? You don't have to find a babysitter, pay for a plane ticket, arrange a hotel, etc. It's all online so you can participate and watch from the comfort of your living room - in your pajamas! 
Watch anytime
Everything is recorded! 
One really fun aspect of this conference is getting to participate live with all the other attendees and speakers. 

But as a busy mom with five young kids, I know that it's not always realistic to watch along live. So whether you miss one session - or all of them - you can watch later. 

We record all the sessions (at NO extra charge) and you get them to watch anytime you need - even if that's in six months! I really want to make this conference as flexible as possible for you. 
Join the Community
Including a pajama kick off party! 
The 31 conference sessions this year are obviously amazing but the really FUN part of the conference is the private Facebook group community! 

Each year this community in the conference has grown and this year is going to be better than ever! You will get the chance to interact with all the other attendees, chat directly with each speaker after their session, and get to participate in some really fun parties and giveaways during the week. The private Facebook community might just be my very favorite part of the whole conference! 
Your life doesn't look Instagram worthy? 
Don't worry - mine doesn't either. But it doesn't need to be in order to bring glory to God within your home and your homemaking. Here's a little peek into my day: 
Pre-register today - here's what you get:
  • Lifetime access to 31 sessions
  •  Digital Conference Notebook - So you can easily follow along
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  •  Live discussions with the speakers 
  •  And other fun bonuses along the way! <--- I can't wait to share these!! 
Bonus Toolkit Ends September 21st
Frequently Asked Questions!
 Do I need special software to watch the conference?
No, all you need is an internet connection and speakers or headphones. The conference sessions will be able to play right from your internet browser. You can also watch on a smart phone, tablet, or any other device with an internet connection.
  How long will I have access to the sessions?
Forever! We want you to have complete access to this conference – to watch again and again if you want. The sessions will remain on the website for the foreseeable future and if at some point we have to remove them, you will get the chance to save them onto your computer to keep forever.
 Do I need to be available to listen to all the sessions "live"?
No. While we will have a schedule for all the sessions from September 25-28th, the sessions are available to listen to at your convenience. As soon as the session time starts, you can watch the sessions anytime and anyway that you would like – and have access forever!
 Will I be able to watch the conference on my smartphone, tablet, etc.
Yes, you can watch the conference and participate from any device that has an internet connection!
 I don't have very fast internet, can I download these to watch offline?
Yes! On each session page, there will be a download link. You can download each video session to your computer, smart phone, or tablet and watch offline anytime.
 I'm not married and/or I don't have kids. Does this conference still apply to me?
YES! Being married or having kids doesn’t make you a homemaker. All women have that special ability to set the tone and to bring glory to God from within their homes – whether they are single or married and whether they have 0 kids or 3 or 11! Join us as we cover all aspects of homemaking (and Biblical womanhood)!
Register today and get started right away transforming your home...for God's Glory!
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