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Introducing the third annual Homemaking Ministries Online Conference!
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Finding Balance in Your Home
The theme of this year's conference is Finding Balance in Your Home and all of the amazing speakers will address different aspects of learning how to better balance all of the roles and responsibilities that we juggle every single day. 
20 sessions all addressing different aspects of finding balance within your home...

Christian Life
Meal Planning
Creating Priorities
Are you longing for some encouragement in your role as a homemaker? Do you sometimes get discouraged with trying to figure out how to balance it all - from the cooking and cleaning to laughing with your husband to making your kids a priority and spending time with the Lord? 

I know in my own life, it has been tough to learn how to balance all of these roles and responsibilities while trying to figure out the priorities of my day. Sometimes, I find myself just wishing for a little encouragement and for someone to come alongside me in this homemaking journey. 

And that's why I created the Homemaking Ministries Online Conference. We are back for the third year in a row and this year is going to be the most amazing one yet! You can scroll through and see all that we have to offer this year but the bottom line is...

Do you want to find better balance in your life and in your home?  
Yeah, me too! And that's why I would love for you to join us. Once you register, you will get instant access to all 20 conference sessions to watch at your own pace. 

The best part? You get access to these conference sessions forever - so it's easy to fit in around your busy schedule.

In Christ, 
Jami Balmet

"I've learned something from EVERY session!!! I don't want to write a book here, but I will say we are going to be making a TON of improvements. I am so grateful for the conference, and extremely excited for what God has in store!!!"

- Allison B. 

Two Ticket Options This Year:

We wanted you to get the very most you can out of this year's conference. So this year we are introducing two different ticket options. See the details below:

BAsic Ticket
Get full access to the conference. Great option for those on a tight budget who just want access to the conference. 
  • Lifetime access to the 20 conference sessions
  • Digital conference notebook
Premium Ticket
Get full access to the conference + AMAZING Bonuses
See full details of bonuses below.
  • Lifetime access to the conference sessions
  • Digital conference notebook
  • Bonus #1: Immediate access to Goal Setting Course & Workbook (Normally $30!)
  • Bonus #2: 6 Printable Scripture art prints (Normally $10)
  • Bonus #3: 4 printable Scripture encouragement cards (Normally $5)
Meet the Speakers & Topics

Jami Balmet

Young Wife's Guide

Session #1:

Achieving Balance in Our Lives

What does it really mean to strive for "balance" in our lives. Is it even possible to balance everything? And when we do strive for balance, how does this have an impact on our homes and the joy we find there?

MacKenzie Monroe

Bold Turquoise

Session #2:

Cultivating the Lovely in the Everyday

Cultivating loveliness in our days is a work, mindset and pursuit to create a beautiful, splendid atmosphere within ourselves as well as the places that surround us. It is a way of interacting with others and creating a life that draws us closer to God along with our families, friends and others we encounter.

Jolene Engle

Session #3:

How to Create a Lasting & Loving Marriage

Building a marriage, family, and home can be either exhilarating or mundane depending on the season. Join Jolene to discuss how to create a loving and lasting marriage when you’re short on time, energy, and the desire to do so. 

Mandy Hoffman

Session #4:

Balance in Spending Time Online

How we use our time online can have a big impact on our home. Are you using your time online to help you love those within your home or is it simply a distraction? HOW we use our time online defines a lot about how well we spend our day. 

Hilary Bernstein

No Place Like Home

Session #5: 

Balance in Housekeeping

Creating a haven for our family can be a lovely and worthwhile goal. It's important to keep up on the house, declutter, organize and clean. But how do we pursue this without letting it take over us? How do we balance housekeeping with perfectionism?

Jami Balmet

Young Wife's Guide

Session #6:

Finding Balance in Spiritual Disciplines

A vital part of our homemaking and our lives as Christians is spending time with the Lord. But amidst busy schedules and hectic seasons, it can be hard to know how to balance this and where to fit it in. In this practical session, Jami will be taking a close look at the daily habits of Bible reading, prayer, and drawing closer to the Lord. 

Stacy Myers

Humorous Homemaking

Session #7:

Balance in Meal Planning (So you won't go crazy)

Are meal times in your home a disaster? Or maybe you get to 5 o'clock each day without a plan and your family and grocery budget are suffering as a result. No matter how you currently run your kitchen, Stacy takes a look at whether meal planning is right for you, how to get it started, and how to make sure it doesn't end up causing you more work than it saves. 

Trisha Gilkerson

Intoxicated on Life

Session #8:

Finding Balance in Healthy Living (Or, How to be crunchy without being a nut)

Pursuing healthy living or a healthier lifestyle can be wonderful goals for your family. But how can you work on healthier living without letting it take over your entire life? Trisha takes a look at the Biblical motivation behind healthy living and gives some solid principles and actionable help for learning how to better balance healthy living. 

Jennifer Ross

The Focused Homemaker

Session #9:

Balancing Priorities for Greater Joy in Your Home

Clearly thinking through your priorities (and then putting them into practice) is one of the best ways to find greater balance in your home which in turn produces more joy and peace. Jennifer shows you how to go about defining these priorities for your life and then how to actually live those in within your days. 

Tauna Meyer

Proverbial Homemaker

Session #10: 

Balancing Homeschooling and Homemaking

How do those rockstar homeschool moms seems to do it ALL? Is it possible to have a clean home and homeschool? How can I be a good homemaker AND a homeschool mom at the same time? Tauna tackles all of that and more in this encouraging and motivating session. 

Jami Balmet

Young Wife's Guide

Session #11:

Focusing on the Gospel Throughout the Week

What should our ultimate aim be within our home? In this practical and encouraging session, Jami takes a look at the definition of what it means to run a Gospel-Centered home and how, with a few minutes a day, you can learn to focus on the Gospel more throughout your week. 

Christy Fitzwater

Session #12:

Balance in Motherhood

What do we really mean, when we say “balance in motherhood”? How do we look at our days and prioritize where we should spend our time, what to focus on, and what is truly important as a mom? Christy shares ten necessary elements to successfully mastering the complexities of motherhood.

Caroline Allen

The Modest Mom

Session #13:

Creating Balance for the Working Homemaker

If you work from home, you know how hard it can be to juggle your work time and your homemaking. As an experienced mom of 6 and a business owner, Caroline knows what it means to figure out a healthy balance of the two. She shares her practical wisdom on juggling working from home and caring for her home on a daily basis. 

Angie Tolpin

Courageous Mom

Session #14:

Finding Balance in Relationships

As Christians, God created us for community. But we've all felt that sting of being vulnerable and in relationships with one another. Angie shares how to establish and maintain health and wholeness in relationships throughout this session. 

Katie Bennett

Embracing a Simpler Life

Session #15:

Living a Life of Ministry (Even When You Can’t Leave the House)

There are many reasons and seasons in life that can make traditional “ministry” difficult, such as having a new baby at home, caring for young children for an ailing, elderly parent, a personal health crisis, etc. However, even in these times, we are not disqualified from serving others for the sake of God’s Kingdom! He wants to use us, as we are able.

Carlie Kercheval

Today's Frugal Mom

Session #16:

Making Scripture Memory a priority in your day

Memorizing Scripture can be one of the best ways to really focus on the Lord more, help us through touch times, and teach our children. Carlie is going to teach you the basics as well as some tips and tricks for simply memorizing Scripture...that doesn't take a ton of time. 

Marlene Griffith

A Diligent Heart

Session #17:

Balance in Planning

Instead of simply diving into planning your day, Marlene first takes a look at what the Bible has to say about planning and how this can have a profound impact in your home. She then ties that together with effective time management techniques to help set up your day for success. 

Kelly Smith

The Nourishing Home

Session #18: 

Balance for Healthy Eating 

As an experienced mom who loves to cook and make things from scratch for her family, Kelly knows how hard it can be to juggle all of our responsibilities as a homemaker AND focus on eating healthy. She focuses on baby steps to achieving balance and then gives 10 keys for finding that balance in healthy eating. 

Elsie Callendar

Richly Rooted

Session #19: 

A Startup Guide to Simplifying Your Stuff

One of the best ways to breathe new life into your home and to find better balance, is to declutter and simplify your home! Elsie has been on a journey for years now in learning how to simplify and pair down and she shares those insights in this practical session on living simply. 

Jami Balmet

Young Wife's Guide

Session #20: 

Finding Purpose and Cultivating Joy in Your Home

Jami wraps up the entire conference by brining these concepts together all for the purpose of cultivating more joy within our homes. By using these helpful principles found throughout the conference, it IS possible to find more balance in your home...and learn to craft a Gospel-Centered home along the way. 

"The BIGGEST, most IMPORTANT thing I took away from this conference, and have immediately begun to implement, is to put more focus on making my home a God-centered home. I have a tendency to get caught up in the busy-work of hectic schedules and misbehaving kiddos, which leads to stress and frustration and a gradual move away from God. As wonderful as all of the sessions were, the one that has spoken most to my heart was the first one. My life, my family, my soul, their souls...will all benefit from this! Thank you so much!" 

- Rebecca B. 

Bonus #1: Goal Setting Course & Workbook (Normally $30!)
Pre-register for a premium ticket to the conference and get immediate access to my brand new, not yet released course: Goal Setting for Greater Purpose and Balance in Your Home. 

It includes five video based lessons that walk you through how to plan and set priorities for your life for greater success. 

In the course we cover: 
- Designing a Life You Love
- Developing your priorities and a family mission statement
- Setting SMART Goals
- Breaking Down Your Priorities & Goals
- Planning & Goal Setting with Grace
Along with immediate access to the course you will also get the beautifully designed course workbook to guide you step by step through creating your priorities. 

The workbook includes:
- 3 printable Scripture art prints
- My top priorities worksheet
- Breaking down a priority into bite sized pieces
- Goal Setting Worksheet
- Monthly Goal Tracking & Habit Forming
- Family Mission Statement Worksheet
- My daily to do's
A peek inside the bonus course >>
Bonus #2: 6 Printable Scripture Art Prints (Normally $10)
Download these beautifully designed Scripture art prints to use as the background on your phone or print them out and hang around your house. 

Simply download and print for Bible focused wall art that's beautiful! 
Bonus #3: 4 Printable Scripture Encouragement Cards (Normally $5)
As another added bonus, you will also get a digital version of these four scripture encouragement cards. 

Print them out to bring with you on the goal or send them to a friend who needs some encouragement! 
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BAsic Ticket
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  • Digital conference notebook

Premium Ticket
Get full access to the conference + AMAZING Bonuses
See full details of bonuses below.
  • Lifetime access to the 20 conference sessions
  • Digital conference notebook
  • Bonus #1: Immediate access to Goal Setting Course & Workbook (Normally $30!)
  • Bonus #2: 6 Printable Scripture art prints (Normally $10)
  • Bonus #3: 4 printable Scripture encouragement cards (Normally $5)
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“I absolutely loved this conference. I'm planning to work on my relationship with God more than ever. I'll also be working on my daily routine, homeschooling and just overall being a better person. I can't wait to watch them over and over again!!”

- Tasha C.

Digital Conference Notebook - BONUS!
To help you get the most out of the conference (and so you can easily follow along), all attendees get access to our digital conference notebook! 

In it you will get session notes and outlines to each of the 20 sessions so you can follow along and take notes as you go. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need special software to watch the conference?
No, all you need is an internet connection and speakers or headphones. The conference sessions will be able to play right from your internet browser. You can also watch on a smart phone, tablet, or any other device with an internet connection.
Do I need to be available to listen to all the sessions "live"?
No. While we will have a schedule for all the sessions from October 25-28th, the sessions are available to listen to at your convenience. As soon as the session time starts, you can watch the sessions anytime and anyway that you would like –  and have access forever!
I don't have very fast internet, can I download these to watch offline?
Yes! On each session page, there will be a download link. You can download each video session to your computer, smart phone, or tablet and watch offline anytime.
How long will I have access to the sessions?
Forever! We want you to have complete access to this conference – to watch again and again if you want. The sessions will remain on the website for the foreseeable future and if at some point we have to remove them, you will get the chance to save them onto your computer to keep forever.
Will I be able to watch the conference on my smartphone, tablet, etc.
Yes, you can watch the conference and participate from any device that has an internet connection!
I'm not married and/or I don't have kids. Does this conference still apply to me?
YES! Being married or having kids doesn’t make you a homemaker. All women have that special ability to set the tone and to bring glory to God from within their homes – whether they are single or married and whether they have 0 kids or 3 or 11! Join us as we cover all aspects of homemaking (and Biblical womanhood)!
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